The Third Sex in Greece

The Third Sex is here to stay whereas you like it or not!!!

Author: Bianca Ghikas written in 2010 t0 2011


Homosexuality has long been known throughout the history of our planet. Ancient Greece was quite in agreement with it as long as it was consensual.  Many scholars have argued that Athenians believed that anal sex was a form of humiliation and domination.  In a recent publication, “the Greeks and Greek Love”, James Davidson opines that this interpretation is not appropriate, because is based on the interpretation of authors who were reluctant to believe that a gay relationship could be affectionate, lovable and appreciative instead of an obsession for power. As is typical in all subjects interpretation is usually dependent upon the cultural and religious upbringing of the scientist, or scholar in question.  Many misleading interpretations have been made this way and probably shall continue to be made.

In the history of this planet it has been argued by different religious sources including in Genesis of the Old Testament, that God created man, and it further states that from one of his ribs created woman. Furthermore, it states that Gay practices were to be outlawed; God punishes aberrant sexual behaviour in SODOMA and GOMORRAH.  I shall argue these statements in this report.


Having lived in Toronto, Canada for about 40 years of my life, I am quite familiar with the Gay Lifestyle and rights and freedoms of all the sexes including the third sex. I lived through the homophobic years of the 70’s, I remember vividly Anita Bryant speaking against homosexuality on television, and how Harvey Milk begun the Gay liberation movement in the United States of America.  For those of you that are not aware of the struggle the Gay community went through in 70’s in North America be sure to watch the movie “Milk” it will shake you!!!!  I was quite young and impressionable in those years and a homophobic acquaintance indoctrinated me against homosexuals and how detrimental would be to have them as teachers in our schools, I remember clearly that he said “They sexually abuse children”; moreover,   As a child I was a victim as well, by my father’ sister’ husband, It took years of psychoanalysis to realize what had happened to me; thereby I was prone to believe the man I believed was one of my best friends, as it turned out, after all these years have gone by, I found out that he was a sequential child molester himself. How ironic!!!

As time went by and I begun acquiring many gay friends around the world and saw their reality, their loving characteristics and sensibilities, since I have become a defender of Gay Rights. As I stated previously, I lived through the Gay Liberation Movement in Toronto and attended Trent University in Peterborough Ontario, where the Gay community is large and has a strong voice within the professors, alumni and current students. I am definitely proud of Toronto being one the greatest Gay Friendly Cities in the world today and would love to see my beloved homeland become open to Gay Rights.  It is written in the Greek constitution under Citizens Human Rights (Anthropina Dikaiomata), this code states the rights of the individual in terms of social and political rights are granted and it further gives freedom in the field of Arts. Article 25(3) prohibits the abuse of human rights.  Ironically, once more, the issue of same sex marriage and civil partnerships is still on debate and now there is a ban in gay couple adoptions as well; moreover, gay harassment is still prevalent in many areas of this great nation.


Molester and Abusers happen in all the sexes, whereas they are male female or third sex, interestingly though, most molester are males or females, NOT GAY; innumerable cases of homosexual molestation are found in orphanages run by religious communities or with altar boys and girls in different congregations.  The Catholic Church has faced multiple lawsuits over the actions of their priests in recent years.  Interesting enough most religions are strong opponents of Gay Rights and Gay Marriages!!! Our world is full of ironies…  To further the irony,  If religions believe that being homosexual is a SIN why is then that member of the clergy sexually abuse and molest boys especially but girls as well?

Before you continue reading keep an open mind and wait till the end of this article so we can draw conclusions together.


Presenting Evidence

  1. Let’s just take a look at the scientific side of origins and history of man


  1. Darwinian Theory talks about convergent and divergent evolution from a single celled organism, it sees evolution as a straight line branching (convergent) and as a result of spontaneous mutation rising concomitantly across different branches. Darwin’s Theory is being debated at present; additionally, scientists are now saying that the Y chromosome, supposedly determinant of the male sex evolved from the X chromosome some 300 billion years ago. The bible on the other hand, states that God created Man first and that from his rib created Woman.  Of course the bible was written by people with patriarchal lines of thought!!!

I truly believe that in order to understand origins one must integrate all lines of thought, not necessarily we shall know factually how life on earth developed, but at least, during our search for gnosis we may reach a maximum optimality, just like all mathematical models show across the board in all experiments.

  1. Now let’s take an example of the animal world which I find highly significant.  Daphnia are microscopic crustaceans that have a very interesting life cycle; they live in fresh water lakes to salt water ponds. The eggs of these interesting microorganisms on the onset of spring hatch an all female population, which multiply parthenogeneticaly (virgin birth) under optimal living conditions, giving birth to an all female population, as a result the fill their habitat and food becomes scarce; at this point again via parthenogenesis the reproduce a batch of males and females in a 50-50 ratio.     The new males fertilize the female eggs, which in turn have the genetically induced physiological capability of surviving the harsh winter. Upon spring arrival these fertilized eggs hatch only females.  In my opinion these facts demonstrate scientifically that sexual reproduction is needed for genetic exchange in order to withstand dramatic climatic changes. It also demonstrates that males are needed only during harsh times.  But most of all is a clear example that the female sex evolved first!!!


  1. Recent studies are demonstrating that sex on the egg is not entirely dependent of the Y chromosome; a sex determinant gene has been found in chromosome 17 as well, in the mean time it is interesting to note that the Y chromosome is changing and that the leg is shortening. There is an ongoing debate among scientists as far as the phenotypic effects of the ever changing Y chromosome. Some argue that is because of this change that males nowadays are becoming Metrosexuals, they take better care of their appearance, have manicure and pedicure, use facial creams, etc. An article in “The Sunday Times” published on January 14 2010 states that many scientists believe that the decline in the Y chromosome will lead to the extinction of Man within 125,000 years and to them it means the end of humanity; on the other hand the author argues that further research indicates that the Y chromosome is a hot spot of evolution and that it changes far more quickly than other parts of the human genome.


  1. It is a world wide fact that the world is becoming over populated and within a few decades we will have only 4 belts of food production in the planet. We are experiencing dramatic climatic changes all over the world.


  1. It is believed that sexual pleasure evolved as a reproductive advantage for the survival of the species. I disagree!!


  1. The first live organism was a single cell, it reproduced by cloning (a form of parthenogenesis) and was totipotential (was self sufficient in everyway) genetically speaking.


Can you see the emerging picture based on scientific facts?


  1. Now let’s look at Ancient History

Homosexuality is written all over our ancient history, even in the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh homosexual love is spoken for.    The most famous homosexuals of our time are widely known to be ancient Greeks.  Homosexuality is depicted in religious holy books; however they are referred to as   Eunuchs.

  1. Faris Malik in his Thesis Eunuchs are Gay Men points out that In the Bible Jesus said that “there were Eunuchs born so from their mother womb” (as we know a Eunuch is a castrated man), he further rightfully concludes, after extensive analysis, that since newly born Eunuchs had to have a complete set of genitals (no man is ever born without them), they did not have lust for women instead they had lust for men, these Eunuchs spoken for in the Bible were Gay men.
  2. To further straighten this point Malik refers to Matthew 19:12 where Jesus spoke and said that “People may become Eunuchs for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven”.
  3. Malik found 45 references to Eunuchs in the Old testament in addition to the ones found in the New Testament chapters, moreover, he found 8 verses in the apocryphal Gospels containing the word eunuchs
  4. In ancient Greece homosexuality was widely accepted as long as it was consensual, Gay marriage was frown upon by the Athenians (not surprising Athenians had some of the worse patriarchal minds and believed in male supremacy), yet there were quite a few long term Gay unions spoken about in Ancient Greece.
  5. The Kamasutra speaks of Gay love making for spiritual advancement.


Throughout ancient history there are referrals to the third sex, it is important to understand that in many parts of the Ancient World sex was a vehicle for spiritual enhancement. Somehow between the patriarchal fears of loosing male supremacy, current progress and massive ads implying sex as a lifestyle, sex has lost its original meaning and is now just a lust machine for many.  “Have sex and be merry “seems to be the current motto.


What are historical and religious facts telling you?

  • The current Gay situation in Greece


Traditionally Greece has been deemed to be the cradle of Gay culture, and yet, at the present in Greece there is very little tolerance towards the third sex.   Fortunately, in the constitution individual rights are granted across gender, but regardless of their rights and freedoms Gay cannot contract marriage or civil union let alone adopt children.  We haven’t progressed much since the Athenians of Ancient Greece; As Kevin Marsh (editor of ) states in his article “Athenians had the most repressive anti-gay laws of any democracy in history”, not surprising since the Athenians were patriarchal minds to the extreme and believed in male supremacy, women and the third sex had no real rights and freedoms. As a matter of fact even Homer did not openly discuss the sexual relationship between Achilles and Patroclus, for fear of the death penalty or exile.   Well, we have come a long way since, yet the third sex is still not a legal entity in Greece.

I have been trying to speak to Greek Gays that are open about their gayhood, it has not been easy, is very difficult to find an activist that is willing to speak openly about his experiences and go public with it. I have many gay friends in Greece and abroad and as I mentioned before I was living in Toronto, Canada prior, during and after Gay Liberation.   The current third sex situation in Greece reminds me of the mid seventies in Toronto.  Basically Greek members of the third sex have grown accustomed to be in the closet primarily with their families and some business associates; among their friends they have no problem disclosing their nature but that’s about it.

I found an article published in the American Chronicle on September 15, 2009 by a Greek Gay, Stam Birsim, he talks about what is it like to be Gay in Greece. As Stam states, some of the problems that homosexuals face in Greece are as follows:

  • Widespread homophobia: Stam experienced it in school, in the workplace and the military.
  • According to Eurobarometer 2008 Greece and Cyprus had the highest rates of antihomosexual discrimination
  • 85% of Greeks are against gay marriage.


Stam Birsim believes that because of so many hundred years of domination, the Greeks put on a Macho face to show the world their masculinity, he may be right but I believe the problems are deeply rooted for different reason.


There is also another set of legal problems for Greek homosexuals; all homosexual activity is legal in Greece, however, same sex couples sharing a home are not eligible for the same legal protection granted to heterosexual couples.


The current government tried to bring into effect a legislation to grant “civil union” to the third sex, however, to this day that legislation has not been established. The current marriage law was legalized in 1982 without specifying gender.  This particular loophole gave the option to the highly intelligent Mayor of the island Tilos, Mr Anastasios Aliferis,  in the Dodecanese to grant marriage licenses and perform two gay marriages in 2008 (one lesbian couple and one gay couple); needless to say hell broke loose, The Orthodox Church harshly criticized him , Justice Minister Sotirios Hatzigakis declared the marriages invalid, the Supreme Court Prosecutor, Mr Giorgos Sanidas, warned Mr Aliferis of “Breach of Duties” leading to severe repercussions yet he said that had no intention of annulling the marriages.  Unfortunately, in May 2009 the marriages were annulled by the Greek authorities.   Basically, most Greeks, due to heavy cultural and religious indoctrination, fear that Gay marriage threatens the “Traditional family”…


Sex discrimination in the work force on the grounds of sexual orientation in Greece was banned through legislation and took effect in 2005 (Greek law 3304/05) in accordance with the European Union directive. However there is no law against ANTI-GAY slogans or HATE speech.  In the military Gays are not allowed to pursue a career in military ranks and to top it all off the omnipotent Orthodox Church has publically denounced homosexuality as a “SIN” and a “defect of human nature”.



Once more we shall be ridiculed around the world, we deserve it!  The cause?  Our idiosyncrasies and backward mentality towards the third sex;  a movie is scheduled for filming in 2011 in a small Greek Island, they are still searching for location, “Shocking the Donkeys”  described as a romantic comedy, this film will detail ”a Gay Greek wedding that rocked the cradle of civilization”..  The good thing about it is that it will hopefully raise awareness of the Gay situation in Greece across the planet, the bad thing is that is shameful to be considered a third world country in the east corner of Europe.   As a Greek I am hurt as a world citizen I applaud the producers for bringing to light such a serious breach of civil rights and freedoms.


The problems faced by Gays in Greece are quite obvious




In my opinion, which is probably similarly shared by many open minded intelligent intellectuals here and abroad, that Greece, the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of democracy, throughout history has bestowed light and gnosis to all corners of the amazing planet earth; however, most of Greece seems quite blindfolded by patriarchal thoughts.


Greece is a country of amazing natural wonders; major cities and highly touristic locations offer world class facilities to the most eclectic individuals, cultural centers are everywhere, present day Greece is quite cosmopolitan in nature. Truth be told, today there is an increased awareness of the third sex and many people accept gays and lesbians as friends and coworkers but is a far cry from the acceptance received in other civilized parts of the planet.


Athens nowadays has a gay village in the “Gazi” neighbourhood, host “Athens Pride” since 2005, the International Gay and Lesbian Film festival  called “The Outview”,  and a few gay bars; Thessaloniki is gradually  developing a Gay Scene as well. There are a few Gay Organizations that from time to time organize public discussions.  Mikonos and Lesbos are worldwide known destinations for Gays and Lesbians. But all of these put together are not enough!!  Most Greek homosexuals are quite deep in the closet fearful of their families and the ridicule their families will have to endure if they come out.  Clearly is of paramount importance to legalize Civil Unions and give the right of child adoption for the third sex.




Let’s draw some conclusions from all the scientific, religious and political evidence.



Let’s begin from the scientific point of view, the evidence (section i) suggests that the female sex was the first to arise; the female genome has the ability to produce a male even in the absence of the Y chromosome, chromosome 17 contains a gene that when activated in embryogenesis produces a male. Moreover, even at present day some females, me included, have 3 X chromosomes, two of the X’s become Barr bodies in the nucleus wall, and one of these Barr bodies can activate and fertilize through parthenogenesis the egg, at present the ability to reproduce by virgin birth it is perhaps dormant for, this type of fertilization produces Teratomas( a parthenogenetically fertilized egg that becomes a monster tumour) ; I had a malignant Teratoma and decided to investigate its origins while attending university.  Therefore, I proposed back then and still do now that males were brought forward during evolution by females in order to assure survival of the species through cross fertilization in a drastically ever changing environment of that time.


Daphnia poses a great model (see section i) for sexual and asexual reproduction; males are only born under a stressful environment.  The Y chromosome evolved for cross fertilization purposes in order to create a stronger genome to maintain survival of the species.  At present the earth has tremendous climatic changes, food is becoming scarcer and soon there will be only 4 food belts in this planet, natural disasters are quite common nowadays and we are overpopulated “We live in a stressful environment”.  It is not surprising therefore that the Y chromosome is shortening and males.  The increasing number of homosexuals in the world may be caused by the current happenings. It could be argued that many have been and are in “the closet” as a survival strategy in their socio- cultural environment and as we progress and more members of the Third Sex come out there seems to be an increase in the Gay population. Unfortunately and due to the lack of statistical data an accurate hypothesis cannot be formulated.


Which ever way you want to look at it, the Third Sex is part of nature and is found in many animal species not just the human one. It is not a defect; it is not an illness is part of evolution and nature’s creation!!!


Looking at the religious historical evidence (section ii) as Faris Malik points out in his thesis homosexuality is mentioned in numerous instances including the Bible. Jesus himself spoke of “there were Eunuchs born so from their mother womb”; why is it then that the churches so vehemently declare homosexuality as a sin?


We have been indoctrinated since childhood with the story of Adam and Eve and how they were expelled from heaven because they dared to eat from the tree of knowledge.  Ummm interesting!!! The Old Testament, as well as all the Holly Books was written by men, most likely of patriarchal mentality which was customary in those times; they had to show women as the evil side tempting poor innocent Adam to eat the apple!!! And they wanted to impart the idea that gnosis is detrimental to the minds of people. That’s why it was called the tree of knowledge.  When a couple shares true unconditional love, their sexual orgasm elevates them spiritually. When you peak high spiritual levels you can see and feel gnosis.  The higher the gnosis of the individual the less it can be controlled by greedy controlling forces.  The third sex experiences the same orgasms as heterosexual people do when in true love.


It has been argued that sexual satisfaction evolved as a means for procreation, some religions claim that sex should be solely performed for procreation.  Interestingly, the Kamasutra states otherwise, in Hinduism attaining spiritual highness is a priority in life.  How many times during the history of man conquerors of religious nature have burned down libraries, book, musical instruments etc?  I saw a documentary once that during the time of Mao Tse Tung, in china all people had to burn anything that gave them culture, similarly the Christian Catholic Church during the dark ages.  Today the Islamic world has a similar attitude towards gnosis.  Our new schools systems concentrate in graduating individuals that specialize in one or more areas forgetting the global gnosis, thereby blinding the individuals and forcing them to work in a way similar to an assembly line, which in my words forms an educated ignorant.  Why? You may ask? Ignorant masses are easily manipulated, controlled and indoctrinated!!  Homophobia is one such indoctrination!


Why do religious authorities have such homophobic issues? Perhaps someday we shall find the answer once the “Dead Sea Scrolls” will be open to everyone, for now they are heavily guarded as if afraid that if the general public knows their truth they may change their beliefs.  It may just be that having patriarchal mentalities it terrifies them to accept the third sex because it symbolizes to them a weakness of the male nature.  Since the Patriarchs ascended power, women gradually lost their rights and freedoms and so did the third sex.  So many hundreds of years have gone by, we can reach the moon and other planets, yet we are a far cry of what an ideal democracy should be and in many parts of the world including my beloved Greece, the motherland of democracy; where the third sex has no right to a civil union or to adopt children.


Third Sex parenting


Nowadays, many civilized countries have legalized marriage and, or civil unions of the third sex and adoptions are becoming everyday more common; A recent article, dated September 4th, 2010, written by Brent Ledger in the “Toronto Star” and also published on, states that “As gay culture discovers joy of maturity, parenting transforms their lives”; moreover, Brent goes on saying that during a friendly get together  a discussion on crystal meth addiction (a minority use yet a real problem in Toronto’ gay scenes), they stated that there are more gays adopting children than doing crystal.  Interesting!! In Toronto programs “preparing homosexuals for parenthood” were established 13 years ago and “support for the early years of childhood” were established 8 years ago. There is also heavy support for queer teenagers to help them deal with their homosexuality and further assisting them in the process of coming out.


Gay parenting is so extensive in Toronto that articles are being written concerning acceptability as well as problems   that arise such as, international adoptions, multi-parent arrangements, knowing or not knowing the sperm donors etc.  The same problems faced by heterosexual couples.


I totally agree with Brent in that most people across the world and all generations complained and are complaining about the parental skills of their parents, how then they can objet to gay parenthood?  How much worse than straight people parenting can be? Ledger further says, that parenting is not a science, and that nobody gets exactly right. I would like to add that everyone raises their children to the best of their knowledge, and do so warm heartedly and with tons of love. In our pursue to become the best parents we all make mistakes,  one of the biggest mistakes of my generation and a few that followed was giving our offspring too much, materially speaking, it got out of hand unfortunately in many cases.


I remember about 13 years ago in Toronto, I had to go to court for an adoption by marriage case; in the same court room there was a gay couple adopting the cutest boy, the parents, siblings and friends of the couple were all present and the moment the judge granted the adoption a huge applause was heard throughout the court room, tears of joy were in the eyes of all of us when the new parents lifted the boy and all 3 of them embraced in the warmest hug ever witnessed, it was a historical moment for me and proud to be part of it. As I write about this moment tears still flow down my cheeks reminiscing that particular moment. I support wholeheartedly gay parenting.


Parenthood changes the life of all people, and as an old wise man once said, you stop growing spiritually the moment you have an offspring; once the children mature and grow and leave us with an empty nest, or shall I say with more room to stretch hehehe, we are then able to pursue our spiritual growth and any other inborn or acquired talents we may have. The third sex is not exempt to this rule.   Parenthood is changing the lives and lifestyle of the lucky gay couples that can adopt; lesbian couples are far luckier because they can obtain sperm from a sperm donor bank and create their own.  As Brent ledger correctly states, that regardless of what straight people think about gay parenthood, the present trend changes the way gay people see themselves.   The ultimate irony is that while straight people fantasize about seeing a mirror image of themselves in their children, gay men do not expect that as a matter of fact most of their children will most likely be straight.


We are a far cry from Third Sex adoptions in Greece; if it took over 20 years for Canada to become the open minded cosmopolitan and democratic country that it is today concerning third sex rights. I believe it will be far longer to have similar rights in Greece.  At least there should be some progress in that direction in the coming years in this glorious country blessed by the Gods.






We have demonstrated that homosexuality is not an illness and that homosexuals are born as such, if some become gay or lesbians at a later stage in life is because they had been indoctrinated as children that being a member of the Third Sex was a sin and  totally unnatural.  I know personally a few cases like that, one of my best friends abroad knew that he was gay from an early start and being born in a very catholic environment he used to pray to God to take the illness away from him, finally, he decided to mary his high school best friend and has a beautiful child together; his wife begun suspecting his gay nature and encouraged him to come out and so he did.  Good for her. At present he is an admitted homosexual, loved by all his friends and living in a serious and monogamous relationship, he is actually engaged to be married and hopefully guess who would love the role of maid of honour?  Me of course!!


We have also demonstrated that Jesus of Nazareth himself accepted and spoke about homosexuality; yet Christian religious authorities never acknowledge that fact. And it is in the Bible among other things.  I have great respect for religion because they have done great things for humanity in many ways, but they have become too dogmatic, and in their dogmatisms they have lost their own origins and realities.

The Greek Orthodox Church for once was the main cause for the preservation of the Greek identity, language and culture during the 400 years of Turkish dominance; they should be lauded for it and they are!!


The preservation of cultural traditions and rituals is an integral part of our beings as long as they make us better people and prevent us from becoming bigots.  Unfortunately, members of the clergy in many religions are full of bigotry and not only towards the third sex.    Par example, the stoning of unfaithful women in Iran is a worldwide concern, yet they are doing so based on the beliefs of their religious authorities. Does it make it right? And If Jesus himself said that gay men are born from their mother’s womb then why is a sin to be gay?  (See Malik’s thesis). Moreover, if God created the universe and all its contents including man in its own image as the bible states, and because we now know factually that the third sex is part of His creation then why call it an illness? Is not a virus or bacterium, is in the DNA.  The Third Sex is one of the many variations of all existing species.

I consider myself a very spiritual individual and feel close to God; He gave me a few new chances in life and allowed me to see “the light” during my near death experiences. I truly believe that God has nothing to do with current religious views, particularly in regards to the Third Sex. One of the commandments states: Do not mention the name of God in vain” which also means do not use the name of God to attest to your opinions and idiosyncrasies, do not call the Third sex a Sin because you are using the name of God in vain!!


Just to give you a background among my Italian kinship I count many Catholic priests and nuns, the most famous of all was my mother’s first cousin Monsignor. Raffaele Basso, and he worked in the annulment department at the Vatican.  Annulment, another irony how ca a marriage be annulled after consummation? Perhaps a convenient way to divorce without braking Church Dogma? My Greek kinship, related by marriage, includes a Mother Superior, Sister Paraskevi-Anna Lepoura, the first Hgoumeni (Mother Superior) of the Faneromeni Monastery in   Xiliomodi, Peloponnese. Kudos to my political aunty!! She convinced the Archbishop in 1938 to convert the old Corinthian Male Monastery into a Female one.  Sister Paraskevi together with 3 other nuns begun building the current Monastery on their own and later the town’s people once they saw their hard work came together and help them erect the current building, church and facilities.  From the early years of my childhood I had religious education at home and school yet always questioned what I deemed unfair or unnatural.  I was lucky enough to meet a few outstanding members of the clergy from both the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church with whom I held lengthy discussion, additionally later in life I met Rabbi Papenheim in Toronto and learned quite a bit from him as well.  Upon further studying other current and past religions I understood their value, but saw their liabilities as well, a complete turn off.  Luckily, or shall I say blessed, during my near death experiences I was able to see and appreciate God in all of his Greatness and understood that religions are nothing more than a political-socio-cultural evolution of what they were meant to be. Thereby, I concluded that while religion is necessary to the uncultured masses for their own benefit, it has no place in Governmental affairs and it definitely should stay out of the Citizens bedrooms. The Church should stay out of the state!! They should concentrate their efforts in helping people achieve spiritual greatness as it was meant to be.


As I said before, at present Greeks and Greece are experiencing a gradual evolution of Gay Culture, things are happening but not fast enough, something must be done to encourage The Third Sex to come out of the closet; perhaps we need the Greek version of a Harvey Milk!! I believe Harvey is the father of the Gay Liberation Movement in the USA and through out the world, his courage changed history and many lives, and died a Hero for millions of intelligent and open minded people in our planet.  Greeks are well known to be courageous and valiant throughout the history of civilization as we know it; how come then we have not yet see a Gay Liberation leader rising?  I encourage you to come out and start asking for your rights and freedoms including marriage, civil unions and child adoption issues. I would be willing to become your assistant in these matters if you have what it takes!!


To all Greeks here and abroad, to all Citizens of the world this is my message” The Third sex is here to stay!! It has been around since times immemorial. Accept the fact that being Gay or Lesbian is not an illness or defect, it is not parental fault, is not environmentally induced; is part of Nature and God’s Creation.  And furthermore, as being such it deserves all rights and freedoms including marriage, succession, and child adoption.  There should establish laws preventing Gay Bashing and Bullying in Greece and all Civilized Nations in our planet, for that matter. Some do but most don’t and in my opinion “Not respecting nature’s offspring is the real SIN.    Homophobia is a psychological disease and should be treated not encouraged!!








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