Annia Alonso – The Cuban Artist

Annia Alonso – The Cuban Artist

written by:  Bianca Ghikas in toronto, May 5, 2020


Who is Annia? Well let me tell you, she is an incredible Cuban Artist, that has won many awards, has exhibit her art in Cuba, Europe, Latin America, Canada and US; she has participated in many Biennials, Art fairs and events organized by institutions both Nationally and Internationally.

Annia was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba on September 10, 1965, and she became interested in art and painting since her parents gave her the first box of coloring pencil and since she never stopped.

The artistic vein seems to be embedded in Annia’s DNA, a great uncle of her that lives in Madrid Spain used to use paint on metal and on trip to Spain in 2015, Annia was able to meet with him and saw some of the art pieces still in his home.

Annia in her own words “I am an artist of sculptural formation and I like to incorporate material and volumetric elements into the work of the molds of the sculptural engraving and also to the painting, at the moment I am working alternately with these techniques.

I like to work the painting taking into account the elements that come from the pictorial tradition but oversizing them through the work of pastas, squirts, multiple additive elements, etc., to create a work that works on one’s own autonomous capacity, but with a simulator and allegorical sense both conceptually and technically, that is, I am interested in oversaturaraturarating , overload the work by volume, relate two-dimensional elements with three-dimensional elements accentuate the differences in values merging everything so that it itself is as an element of a certain cynical or ironic gaze to the tradition of painting itself.

 I am interested in working with the landed fact that painting has today, that everything fits, that everything is possible within a frame as specific as the painting.”

I met Annia the summer of 2004, at the time Annia Alonso and Agustin Bejarano were exhibiting their art at the Distillery district in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I was overly impressed by both their talents and their personalities.  I requested to interview them on my radio show and later invited them for Breakfast at my House.

it was a lovely summer day and we sat on the deck, and while i was preparing breakfast I saw both drawing, mmm I thought this is history in the making … I was impressed but lo an behold to my great surprise both of them gave me their sketches as a present.  Annia gave me a sketch from her collection “The Angel and me” and Agustin gave me a sketch of one of his paintings.

 Time went by and we lost touch with Annia, until about one year ago my eldest grandchild picked both sketches as a present from me for her new condo, right then and there I begun searching for both of them, I found Annia on Facebook and she remembered me after all these years. I was impressed, and our friendship begun to flourish.


On March 1, 2020 and thanks to the Covid-19 quarantine, heheheh, I decided to finally work on my website (the poor thing was languishing for about one year and half). I begun contacting all my artist friends and of course Annia was one of the first few.

Annia Alonso “The Angel and Me” Summer 2004

Artist: Annia Alonso Araña.
Annia’s Gallery: ón:  Calle 25, #5425, E/ 54 and 56, Cienfuegos, Cienfuegos 55100

Cel: +53-5 273 1131

or visit her facebook site: at “Annia Alonso Art Studio”


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