Xristos Tsoukas – My First Cousin the Author and Poet

Xristos Tsoukas – My First Cousin the Author and Poet

written by Bianca Ghikas May 19, 2020


I have known Xrhstos my whole life, he was born two years before me in Athens, Greece;  He was the first born to my father’s sister Sassa and husband Kosta. Since his early teens Xristo begun writing poetry and short stories, he later studied to become a movie director and one of his films won an award in Russia.  He gave up the film industry because he was not confortable working for the then current movie industry in Greece, his style was closer to Bergman and therefore he could not practice his art in the Greek film industry of the time.

As children we were very close, Xristo and his younger brother Baggeli and I and my younger sister Neri, life happened and we moved away to South America, yet out cousin bonds remained intact through the years.  I always tried to keep in touch and visit when I am in Athens.

Xristo has written many poems to me, to my sister and to my parents, many of which I will be publishing here, unfortunately they are in Greek, hehehe, I have made songs of a few of his poems and i will probably publish my youtube videos singing them.

Xristo has written quite a few books, most of them are not in print anylonger, my favorite is “the hidden treasures of Greece” in that book he had a chapter dedicated to my father and his heroic behaviour during WWII, he had a chapter dedicated to his father as well; my second favorite was “Ancient Women” I learned so much from both these books.

I will never forget his Lexicon of words that mostly he made up, it made for a hillarious reading.

The other books he has written are “Secret Word” and “Panafrodisia” quite amazing both of them.

The Secret Word reveals  for example, a series that rationalizes the phenomenon of the concept of “power”.  And at the same time a mathematical concept, implying the “square number” for Plato and Euclid. These very relationships, displaying the Greek language as what it really is. This is the  “key” and knowledge for any meaningful scientific Research.

Panafrodisia on the other hand is definitely NOT FOR YOUNG CHILDREN! But it is worth reading by all those in the soul who have remained ageless. Those who are possessed by a romantic revolutionary mood. Those who question the millennial classical reading knowledge and education. Those who seek the substance and not the surface of the letter. Here, in these pages, there is a real APOCALYPSE. ELESINIA ACCOUNTING IS REVEALED. The one taught by the mystics of the Mysteries of Demeter in Eleusis. The scientific center of the ancient world. (FROM THE PRESENTATION TO THE BACKCOVER OF THE BOOK)


Xristos writes childrens poetry and ilustrates the poems with photograph of Pikounos (we all had that doll as childrens) and two other characters.  they are beautifull adventures of Pikounos and his friends .

Xristos is on facebook and posts his poems daily; Like me,  he has been writing up a storm during the pandemic moments.





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