Acuarela Fiestas y Eventos – Montevideo, Uruguay in English

Acuarela Fiestas y Eventos – Montevideo, Uruguay

Writen by Bianca Ghikas Toronto May 27, 2020


After many years away of South America I decided to join my best friend Daniel Machado on his trip to Uruguay, his country of origin.  We decided to include Chile and Argentina to our trip.

We arrived in Montevideo and family gatherings begun, the Machado family is awesome and loves to get together, every single member of this family is friendly, lovable and welcoming and they all made feel as I was part of the family.

Among the many family gathering and parties, we had Daniel’s niece Fiorella’ “Quinceañera” her 15th year old party, which is a big event in Latin America.

The venue was awesome, the food delicious, the music was incredible and of course friends and family amazing. “Acuarela Fiestas y Eventos” was the party planner, I was impressed I asked about them and I found out that the owner and founder was Gustavo Machado, my best friend’s older brother.  His children Alex and Fiorella were part of it as well.

Now that my website is up and running, I am gradually including all my talented friends and family, and Gustavo’s turn has come.

Gustavo is quite an interesting character, he is multifaceted, intelligent, funny, caring and to top it all good looking which makes him a hit with the ladies.  Let’s get to know him a little bit, Gustavo’s interest in music begun at a young age, he learned how to play guitar and took piano lessons for a couple of years,  he has been a jack of all trades, has ventured as a  carpenter, a blacksmith, manufacturing and installing electric fencing and lastly he was involved in a paper recycling plant.

Gustavo begun his entertainment career as a part-time emcee for children’s events at the age of 24, shortly there after he begun working still part time in discotheques and clubs.  At the age of 27 he married and had his children; Alex is about 25 and Fiore 19. He has long been divorced but has admirably and steadily maintained a very amicable relationship with his ex wife, to this day they are friends.

Gustavo always encouraged his children to participate in creative events, the Carnival (a huge event in Uruguay) and charity events. In his own words “These events made us share more family time”. Furthermore, when they reached the age of 14 each individually begun participating in Aquarela’s events. To this day Fiore is one of the top DJs and Alex even though he launched himself on his own comes back and participates in many of the events.

Acuarela was born as a business concept and it was inspired by the Brazilian singer and composer Tokinho and his Aquarela animations for children.  At first the events were on a part-time basis, until one day Gustavo quit his job and decided that he should be in a business venture that he had to enjoy!!

And so Acuarela Fiestas y Eventos became a full-time business.  However, the complete concept of party and event planning begun approximately 6 years ago.  Now the service includes, full catering, party favors, decorations, chair and table dressing, specialty cakes, music by DJs, photography and videography. Gustavo´s dream is to have his own banquet hall someday.

Acuarela Fiestas y Eventos, will hold your event in any venue and or City or town of your choice in Uruguay. In Gustavo´s own words: “the events that we have done outside Montevideo have been awesome experiences!!”

Knowing that Gustavo is quickly approaching his 52 birthday and he is still as handsome as ever, he has always been a ladies’ man, thereby, I told him that I would make certain to describe him well so that he would have even more women falling for him, heheheh his reply to that was in his own words: “I am a little bit used, hehehe, nobody want to get me any longer, because my date has expired! Heheheh”

I highly recommend Acuarela Fiestas y Eventos in Uruguay.


For further information please Contact Gustavo as follows:


Telephone:  +598 (0) 94 863 252

Instagram: Gustavo Acuarela



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