Bianca’s Dad wrote this poem for Xristos Tsoukas Baptism

  Για την βάπτιση του Βουλι written by Bianca’s father : Dimitrios Ghikas on March 15, 1949   Απ’ τότε που γεννήθηκε της Σάσας ο δουδουκος Στα ζάρια το είχατε Και έτσι προσπάθησε να βρει την νονά Ο Βουλις πως σας έβλεπε […]

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The amazing female drawings of Acrotiri. A female perspective.

Written by: Bianca Ghikas 2010 Acrotiri is an archaeological site of great significance, the diversity of flora and fauna found in frescos during the excavation is awesome, yet what caught my eye was the depiction of women and their attires.  Furthermore all […]

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