Marianela , a great Chilean Artists living in Toronto


marianela and her daughter Daniela


I firstly met Marianela at the end of the nineties at Art Exhibit of Latin American Artists living in Toronto, I was researching for Latin American artists to interview in my then show “Siempre en Domingo con Bianca”

At first sight I loved her art and spoke to her the moment that she was free, I approached her and during our conversation I found out that she was Chilean, it took a over ten years before we became good friends, but it is never too late.

Chile is one of my favourites and loved countries, I claim it as one of my own since I spent six amazing years there, four of which were teenage years there, due to my father’s line of work. The day I left Chile, June 10, 1967, was one of the saddest moments of my entire life. Whenever I meet Chilean people, I feel like I meet long lost relatives and friends.

Let me introduce you to Marianela the artist:

Marianela, her mothe and sister
all four brothers and sister with mother

Marianela Avedaño was born in Puerto Mont (southern Chile) on July 15, 1960, one of four children. Her father was and artist in his own right, he was a wood carver and her mother was an Artist (from a very young age) and an Arts Teacher, however she was married  and in those years women were supposed to dedicate all of their free time to their family; thereby, she suffered and artistic blockage; She was finally able to unleash her artistic abilities after her husband death in 2006 at the age of 84 and keeps going strong to this day.

Marianela has many artistic abilities, she begun experimenting in grade school, designing, and sewing cloths for her dolls. After finishing highschool she enrolled in the Art Academy of Puerto Mont (Escuela de Cultura) where she experimented in Impressionism.

Marianela’s favorite artist in Gustav Klimt, Monet and Van Gogh and you may see their influence in many of her paintings.

Marianela met her husband Oscar during a very special moment in her life, she fell for him in a flash, he was a long-haired rocker and biker… well many women love the bad boy look heheheh.  For the following two years they maintained a long-distance relationship since Oscar was living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, finally Oscar asked her to join him in Toronto.

Marianela, her daughter Daniela and Oscar

Marianela joined her husband Oscar, a musician and artist himself, in Canada during the fall of 1991.They were married in Canada and later in Chile.  Her daughter was born in Toronto and displays the artistic talent as well, what can I say is all in the genes!!  I have asked her to show me her drawings as well; hopefully, she will soon.

Since her arrival Marianela has continuously been studying and perfecting her art. She has studied under the direction of a few internationally acclaimed artists and has participated in a few Latin American exhibitions, Toronto City Hall Exhibitions, and local galleries, including the well known and acclaimed Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation KUMF™ Gallery at 145 Evans Ave. Suite 101, Toronto, ON M8Z 5X8.

Marianela is a true artist in every way, she loves cooking and baking, restoring furniture and of course music, particularly classical and 1980’s rock. She adamantly points out that inspires her and she listens to her favorite pieces while she paints.

work in progress

Marianela is an impressive artist and amazing person; You can observe Marianela’s sensitivity in her many works, I am incredibly happy to count her within my circle of friends.

Bellow is a selection of her beautiful work.


If you are interested in purchasing Marianela’s art, please contact hr directly at:



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