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This is the short story of the History of the Ghikas and Basso-Cerqua  Families, Bianca’s family, through out the centuries until present days.  It is a short story of love, courage passion and rebellion, spanned over more than three centuries.

A real life story of epic proportions!

this Short story is the preamble of my upcoming book of the same name and it was published around 2013.


In this photograph you can see the two year old Bianca in Marica Ninou’s lap ( Marika was  a famous rebetiko singer )playing the Baxlama and sitting next to the great Maestro of Rebetiko music Yanni’s Papaioanou on the far right is Demetrio Ghikas (Bianca’s father ) attempting to play the guitar lol .. this photograph was taken in 1952 when family and friends were saying goodbye to Bianca and her family.  Soon thereafter they were in South America.