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Dani Madeline


A few years ago, a dear old friend of mine and my Maltese bridesmaid, Mary Schembri Smith, spoke to me about Danielle’s voice.  I heard one of her songs and thought that she was an excellent and talented singer.  However, it did not strike me as an amazing wonder voice until I heard her sing her tribute to Olivia Newton John; at this moment I was under her spell…wow!!



I decided to get in touch with Dani Madeline and asked her if I could interview her for my web site and of course her permission to publish a few of her videos, the rest is history.

Dani was born in Sydney Australia on the 4th of December 1996, both of her parents were born in Sydney as well, but her grandparents were originally from Malta.  Dani has grown up with both Australian and Maltese traditions.

Dani’s parents say that she began singing as a toddler for anyone that would listen to her.  Dani loved singing so much that used to perform with nursery rimes not just the family and friends but people waiting at the bus stop etc., etc.  According to Dani herself she claims to be a self-taught vocalist; however upon graduating from High School and because she desired to increase her music theory knowledge and develop compositional skills, she attended Western Sydney University graduating  with a Bachelor of Music in 2018.

I asked Dani when she became interested in singing as a professional, and she replied that since her early childhood years she always watched the Disney Channel, she was fascinated by the multi talented singers and actresses and wanted to become like them.

In Dani’s own words:

“I always wanted to be like Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and the likes, but it seemed like a pretty out of reach dream. I went to my first concert in 2011 (I remember it was Miley Cyrus’ Gypsy Heart Tour) and when I saw the arena full of fans singing her songs back to her, I thought that would be the ultimate dream. This was around the time that Justin Bieber had been discovered through YouTube so the idea of being a professional singer didn’t feel as impossible anymore. As I got older, I started posting my covers on YouTube and performing locally for the Council and special events like weddings. I don’t know if I will ever be like the people I idolise or if I would get the opportunity to do music full-time, but just being able to do what I love occasionally is really nice.”

It seems that talent runs in Dani Madeline’s family, both her mother’s father and grandmother played the piano and accordion, an uncle used to sing in retirement homes and participated in talent shows.  Furthermore, a couple of cousins on Dani Madeline’s father’s side, sing in bands.

Dani Madeline is vocally very talented, however that’s not her only talent, she has written many songs, yet her shyness is preventing her from publishing her own music, which is understandable, there is always fear that somebody will do harsh criticism.  I know firsthand !!! for many years I was afraid to publish my music and my poetry, it was only after I began my second radio show that I felt ready to let others hear my work.  Dani Madeline made the decision to perform in YouTube when she realized that Justin Bieber was discovered there, that was the motivation she needed and begun performing her songs on the internet, however to this day she has not published any of her original songs.

I asked Dani Madeline: “What Inspires you?”  I loved her answer and decided to print it in her own words:

“I feel the human experience is full of inspiration from the complex emotions we experience to the things we question, ponder, and probably will never understand like “What is the meaning of life?”. I’m inspired by the things I experience personally and the things that cross my mind. I usually get most of my inspiration to write lyrics when I can’t sleep at night because my mind is racing about anything and everything.”

Throughout the years Dani Madeline has fund inspiration in many artists, particularly Amy Lee from “Evanescence”, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus and the like.   Her greatest influence vocally, artistically, personally, and lyrically has been Demi Lovato, Dani Madeline says that she has connected to Demi’s honesty, passion and vulnerability since 2008. Dani Madeline had the opportunity to meet Demi Lovato in 2015 and she was starstruck by her.  Moreover, Dani Madeline said, in her own words:

“Demi will always have a special place in my heart, and I will always credit them for how they have inspired me as a person and an artist.”

 Dani Madeline just loves musical theater, “Grease” was the first musical she ever watched.  Since Dani Madeline first saw Grease, she was dazzled by Olivia Newton-John for her amazing talent and for being an “Aussie” like herself. To this day Dani Madeline has a lot of respect for Olivia and any other artist that use their celebrity status for good, Dani Madeline strongly admired Olivia Newton-John for her philanthropism, charity work, research, and awareness.

Dani Madeline has travelled quite extensively, she has been several times to Malta, Canada, USA, England, Fiji, New Zealand, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany. Moreover, in her bucket list there is Spain and Japan and a second visit to the USA, this time New York City.

Dani Madeline can be reached at:  danimadeline@outlook.com



Another beautiful performance by Dani Madeline:


You can find all of her published work at by goind to YouTube.com and searching for Dani Madeline

Bellow I created a small gallery with the many faces of Dani Madeline




October 10, 2022 at 8:02 pm

Thank you so much for asking to interview me! It was an honour x

Daniel Machado
October 11, 2022 at 2:34 am

Great artist. Loved her voice!

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