Mauricio Nader – A Chilean Artist now living in Germany

Mauricio Nader

Written by Bianca Ghikas June 23, 2020



The first time I heard of Mauricio was on Facebook, I saw a video clip and loved the  music of this highly talented young man; for the ones of you that know me well … you know that I will turn the world around to get to know the artist, thereby I  requested friendship, he accepted and I have been following his career ever since.

For those of you that have not heard of Mauricio Nader, he is a Composer, Bass Player, Music Producer, Arranger and Performer originally from Chile and now residing in Berlin Germany.

Let’s meet this extraordinary young and extremely talented young man called Mauricio Nader.  Mauricio is a Capricorn born in Santiago de Chile, at the age of 14 he was playing guitar and at about the age of 15  he watched a video of “Iron Maiden” the heavy metal band, at that point in his life he knew  that bass guitar would become his main instrument. Mauricio was listening to classical music and Andean folklore since his early childhood, these two genres became a motivation behind his musical interests, then at the age of 15 he fell inspired by heavy metal.  Mauricio studied music in University, however, he undertook studies on his own about subjects related to music as well.  Eventually, he discovered that Heavy Metal and Classical music have a lot in common, however they are usually played by different instruments.

I asked Mauricio:

You seem to have a heavy Metal mixed with classical which I find interesting, how and when did you decide to fuse the two?”

  I publish here his own words:

“I grew up as a heavy metal musician, and in parallel I always liked classical music. When I studied harmony and music styles, I realized that both heavy metal and classical styles are remarkably similar, except for the instrumentation. Also, history of music since the 70s has shown us how rock and heavy metal can perfectly be mixed with classical instruments and textures. So, I didn’t mix it, but I have participated in projects with such mix.”

Of course, I had to ask if there were other talented members in his family and although Mauricio does not really like to talk about his family or ancestry he did say that his dad plays acoustic guitar and charango as a hobby, I found out as well that Mr Nader Sr. taught Mauricio his first guitar chords.

Mauricio has done an innumerable number of tours in Chile and Europe, I specifically remember when Mauricio undertook to tour all of Chile in 2018, I followed the whole tour on the internet city by city and town by town, it was a fascinating experience for me and it brough many memories of the years I lived in Chile during my youth.  I remember his tours to Europe as well, the one of 2018 when he told me that he had decided to move to Berlin, Germany.  He has been living in Berlin since June 2019. Of course, my next question for me was: “why?”

Mauricio replied: I decided to move to Germany last year (June 2019) because I was touring a lot in Europe, and the logistics of go and return from Chile was a bit complicated, so I found out that it was much more convenient to live here in Berlin, to continue touring and growing up with my music career.”

Besides Chile and Germany, Mauricio has performed with bands and as a solo artist in several countries in Europe, such as: Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark. He performed once in Turkey as well.

Mauricio has been inspired by the likes of many extraordinary and world known Chilean Musicians, Composers and Performers particularly Claudio Arrau, Victor Jara, Jorge Gonzalez, Eduardo Gatti and the bands Inti-Illimani, Criminal and Polimetro

Throughout his career he has collected many different tools and references from many artists and used them to create his own identity and sound for the bass guitar, most definitely this process involved technique.

For any information on his upcoming projects and tours I recommend that you visit his own website


Mauricio is an award-winning artist here are some of his accomplishments:

  • Multiple tours as a solo artist at home and abroad
  • Composition, Production, Arrangements and Recordings of mora than 20 albums and DVDs with an array of different bands and solo projects.
  • 2016 Finalist of the Pulsar Award of Chilean Music as “Performer of the year”
  • 2017 Winner of the Pulsar Award of Chilean Music with the band “Claudio Cordero Trio” for their album “Quasar” on the best Metal Album category.
  • International Artist Roster of Ibanez, Markbass, Elixis Strings and Quintay Straps, all brands of musical instruments and equipment.
  • He was one of the judges of the Music Funds 2018, This i=fund is carried out by the Chilean Ministry of Culture.

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