Fabian Mark Costabile

April 28, 1975 to November 16, 2020

Dear Fabian, today are about three months since your physical body left this earth.  You are now residing in a wonderful place and taking care of all your loved ones, including me your mother in law.

When I first met you, I was reluctant to accept you wholeheartedly, I believe the feeling was mutual, hehehe.  My biggest concern was my daughter’s and my granddaughter’s happiness and well being.  Moreover, I also felt that you were trying to displace me from my girl’s life.  Well, as it turned out because of you my relationship with my daughter reached new positive highs and I shall forever be appreciative of you for that. As far as my granddaughters are concerned you became a true father to both and they loved you, and still love you dearly.

You made Italia the happiest woman ever, and now the sadness she feels because of your departure is unbearable. But at least because of you she experiences what most people never do “TRUE LOVE”, so for that I shall eternally begrateful to you.

Dear Fabian, especially in 2020 you used every occasion to state that you were the favourite son, hehehe trying bug GianPiero hehehe.  Truth be told all my children and grandchildren are my favorites and love them all unconditionally and I am happy to say that you became one of my children. Not my “Son in Law” but my youngest SON. I am certain that you know that.

My dear youngest son I know you are resting in peace, and I know that you always venture to be close to Italia, Alyssa and Alexandra, and of course me, I have seen you a few times and in every occasion you are cuddling and loving my girls. You are now our Guardian Angel!

Until we meet again my dear youngest son!

Love Mom Bianca

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