Linda Inge Tremblay – The Artist

Linda Inge Tremblay – The Artist

Written by Bianca Ghikas in Toronto, May 6, 2020

Linda Inge Tremblay is a Canadian artist of Dutch ancestry.  Her parents were originally from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, both shared their love of nature and the arts and passed on their children.  Linda’s father was an engineer and her mother a pianist, she played piano well into her eighties. Linda’s siblings are quite talented as well so it must be embedded in their DNA.

Linda was born in Sudbury, Ontario, lived in Elliot Lake, North Bay and moved to Mississauga with her family at the age of ten.  She attended Clarkson Secondary School, studied at the University of Guelph and Received her Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto.  During her years at the University of Guelph she met John Tremblay, married him in 1979 and moved to Nova Scotia in 1982, were John was working as a Marine Scientist for the next 32 years; It was in Nova Scotia e that they firmed up their roots  and raised their three sons.

Linda taught Physical Education for the Halifax Regional School Board for 30 years.

Nova Scotia is one of the maritime provinces of Canada, the marine beauty of this province is indescribable, this type of environment is ideal and serves as inspiration to many artists. Once in Nova Scotia Linda befriended many creative people, therefore, it comes as no surprise that Linda further developed her artistic abilities.

I met Linda and John through her youngest son Pete; Pete is my grandson in law (as I call him, and so far, the one and only grandson lol) and is my eldest granddaughter’s common law partner. They were visiting Toronto as they often do. Thus, when the time arrived for the families to meet, we went to a Greek Restaurant on the Danforth and the rest is nice history.

Linda and John are avid travellers, and do so frequently, now because of the quarantine all travel has been postponed for the time being,

Linda was involved in three Art shows this year however, all of them were cancelled because of Covid-19.  She stressed that she is extremely disappointed with the isolation effects because she genuinely enjoys meeting other artists and the public.  She does go online but as we are all well aware online can never replace face to face communication. Linda during quarantine times has resorted in hanging her Art on a Maple tree in her property so people that walk by can observe and enjoy it.

Proposal to exhibit hanging, framed works made from pure wool fibre. A realist focus using inspirational scenes to exhibit the qualities of wool.


Artist Statement


The textures, colours and smells of natural unspun wool attracted me to the possibilities of needle felting in 2010. Sculpting animals led to experimenting on a flat surface (felt fabric). Creating pieces that were both flat and sculptured allowed the work to reach out to the viewer.

I have always loved doing things with my hands. Working with wool, clay (pottery for 9 yrs.) wood and stone especially ceramic tile. I have only dabbled in drawing and painting over the years. I did some sewing and knitting. Manipulating wool with a needle or water and learning about its properties has been both a challenge and a joy. Nature is close by in most of my work. Sometimes I will make a thought provoking piece. I am self taught and inspiration can come at any time. It is very satisfying to begin with unspun wool and bring it to life.


Artistic Process


Design: All my work is one of a kind. No production. I do sketches, take photos, use memory or internet for ideas.


Production quality and technique: The entire piece of art is made by me. My husband makes the frames and I paint them.


  • Using a knife, I cut out the canvas from a typical Art canvas frame.
  • The frame is then placed on a piece of felt material, cut to size and pulled over the frame and temporarily stapled in back.
  • Now I begin the background. I layout the wool fibre to cover the entire area except the outside edge. I then use a multi needle to felt in the background.
  • If I use a wet felting process I do not put the fabric on the frame as I felt. This involves wetting and soaping the entire piece until well blended then I would mount it on the frame.
  • Using a single needle, I begin to build the details. This is the most time consuming.
  • When complete the entire picture is multi needled.
  • It is then removed from the frame steam ironed on both sides to felt it further.
  • It is now stretched over the frame again and stapled permanently.
  • To finish the piece, I run a wool cord around the picture edge, cut strips of felt fabric and hot glue them over the staples to give the back a finished look.
  • To embroider in my signature, iron on my label and the name of the piece. My business card is placed in back.
  • I place the piece in a friction fit frame with hanging hardware.
  • I then photograph and record its completion.



Linda Inge Tremblay

Pure Wool Art

Art Zone Gallery

Halifax, NS


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