Neri Keledjian (nee Ghikas Basso) – My Talented Sister

Neri Keledjian (nee Ghikas Basso) – My Talented Sister

Written by Bianca Ghikas at Toronto May 7, 2020


Let me introduce you to my talented sister, she was born fourteen months less 7 days after me, and ever since we became best friends and twin souls.  We travelled intensively with our parents the first 19 years of our life and I assume that because of it we became inseparable. Furthermore, we loved to dress alike, we had to make new friends everywhere we arrived, new schools new homes etc., thereby, it was just a natural thing for us to rely on each other.

My sister Neri has incredible talents since childhood, she received medals in literature both in Spanish and English. Moreover, Neri and I wrote many songs in our teenage years, both music and lyrics, we sang together with friends and in public; Neri developed and incredible talent for drawing with pencil, charcoal, and ink in her late teens.  Here I am publishing 42 pieces of her work done in 1969.

Tragedy strikes people in different ways, not surprising then that after our father’s death on June 1, 1970, Neri just stopped drawing and writing songs with me. We did continue singing and still do occasionally.

It made me incredibly happy the day that she wrote a book of anecdotes in celebration of her 25-year anniversary in real estate sales.  I found it to be heartfelt, witty, and entertaining.

These day Neri and her husband Anto are still fully active working as real estate sales professionals and for leisure they prefer family life, friends, travelling, their cottage and their boating life, I join them often!!


Neri’s Photografic Gallery

Neri Vidaurre

Sales Representative


1678 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON
M6P 1A9, Canada

You may reach Neri at +1-416-315-3732

or email her



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