Acrotiri – Amazing Prehistoric Civilization

Acrotiri – Amazing Prehistoric Civilization

Written by Bianca Ghikas June 19, 2020


The table in the photograph it is part of the many furnishings that were excavated at the prehistoric site of Acrotiri in Santorini.

In this photograph can be observed that the exquisite workmanship of this wooden table made over 4000 years ago demonstrate that the Acrotirians were incredibly advanced for their time of existence.  Likewise, there are quite a few furniture that have been excavated at the site and all exhibit a superior form of workmanship.

The unfortunate event led by the volcanic eruption and ultimately caused the disappearance of this amazing Civilization, buried the whole city in volcanic ashes, thereby the lack of oxygen preserved many perishables , among them beds, tables, baskets and other objects which gives a fabulous picture of how this Civilization lived as well as how highly evolved they were.

In my opinion, as I stated in my previous article: “The Amazing Female Drawings of Acrotiri. A Female Perspective” Acrotiri was a matriarchal society, not matrilineal as the archaeologist would like us to believe.  The frescoes and the style of furniture confirm the importance of the female presence in Acrotiri.




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