My trip to New brunswick and Quebec 2005

My trip New Brunswick and Quebec 2005

Written by Bianca May 26, 2020

I have always enjoyed road trips and throughput  my life I have done many; during the summer of 2005 I decided to take my girls on a road trip through Quebec and New Brunswick, I packed my car Alyssa was 11 so I asked permission to  Gloria Castro (she was my friend and housekeeper at the time) to take her daughter Amanda with us and my daughter suggested I take along Ana Lucia Fontini Zanata  to help me care for Alexandra that was only 1 year old.

So, we took off from Toronto, and our main goal was to reach the Atlantic ocean… could not wait to get there , however and due to the fact that I had a baby and two young girls with me I decided to sleep in a Motel near Drummondville in the province of Quebec.  The next morning, we had breakfast and headed towards New Brunswick in the TransCanada Highway

The girls were amazing during the whole trip, therefore is was very enjoyable. The next step was to arrive a Shediac and its amazing Atlantic beaches.  We found accommodations freshened up and decided to explore the beaches for the next day; oh my god the beaches at Cap-Pele were amazing but the water was freezing, even though it was August.  We tried swimming the next day to no avail too cold, we still enjoyed the beach and Alyssa and Amanda decide to get some jellyfish in some containers and observe them, hehehehe.  The weather just did not want to improve, and the rain begun pouring, what do you do on a rainy day? You go bowling of course, and it was just about the only thing available to do.


After tasting the amazing sea food of this awesome Atlantic province, and of course regular hot dogs and hamburgers with fries for the girls lol I decided to hit the road towards Hopewell Rocks along the Bay of Fundy. What an incredible site, this is the site of the highest tides in the world, what an experience, we were lucky to arrive at low tide and were able to explore the ocean floor the Hopewell Rocks stand from 40 to 70 feet tall.  Amazing nature!!! Walking on the seabed (ocean floor) was the epitome of our road trip.

I genuinely wanted to take the girls to Prince Edward Island, but there was too much fog on the bridge and the ferry was not available during the hours we wanted to go.

The time had come to begin our return trip, therefore, back on the TransCanada Highway towards Edmundson and deviated a little to go and explore the Grand Falls, near Drummond NB, amazing views every where.

We stopped at Edmundson to eat something and headed toward Quebec City, I have personally been to Quebec City many times, I love it, it feels like being in Europe. In Quebec City we stayed for a few days and explored day and night life, awesome art and street exhibits, many amenities for the children as well. Time togo again and this time Montreal was the target.

Montreal I hold dear in my heart, it is the second major city that I visited in Canada, and continue to visit every time I get a chance.

We had an fabulous time visiting Ville- Marie, which is the name of a neighborhood in the center of Montreal, which comprises Old Montreal (a National Historic Site of Canada),  the old port, part of Mount Royal, Ste Helens Island and Île Notre-Dame. It is an awesome touristic area with fantastic restaurants, art shops, mimes galore everywhere, music and other artistic events.

Sadly, the time had come to come back to Toronto so back on the TransCanada Highway, then entering Ontario into the 401 and hello Toronto we are back home!!!

We had an incredible time I love taking my girls everywhere.!!




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