Giorgos Bilikas – My Multitalented Friend

Giorgos Bilikas – My Multitalented Friend 




Written by Bianca Ghikas Toronto June 24, 2020


I have known Giorgos Bilikas since 1990, he was and still is my first cousin Xrhstos Tsoukas close friend and collaborating artist, they compose quite a few songs together. We have met quite a few times during my travels to Athens, Greece, yet I never knew that he was such a multitalented and poly-faceted individual, I was flabbergasted to discover George Bilikas 50+  year old rich career;  His unpretentious, soft manners, charisma  and caring nature becomes apparent at once. Now I found out that he does not believe in touting his own horn.

Giorgos Bilikas is a song writer, a performing artist, has authorized and published a great number of books, has acted in feature films and short films, has composed the sound tracks for films and documentaries, and has been founding member of a few bands.  George defines each and everyone of his many talents as a form of travel through the imagination, and each talent is a different travel vehicle. I just love the concept.

Giorgos was born in Athens and since early childhood he was interested in Archaeology and thought of becoming an archaeologist, music was his other passion, he became involved with guitars, synthesizers and singing and music became his primary interest thereby, the outcome was Giorgos Bilikas the artist.  Hi first band was “Tesera Tetarta” (Four Quarters), thereafter h formed “Tharsein Xrei”, the name being derived from ancient Greek and “Courage is Needed”, both these bands were founded in the seventies. In the eighties he formed two other bands namely “Nepal” and “Anaconda Snake Band” and finally the “Orfa Band” in the two thousand decade.

Giorgos Bilikas has explored and excelled in many artistic pursuits throughout his life, yet he never set aside his passion for history and archaeology.  Between pentagrams, verses, live and studio performances, interviews, poems, short stories, novels, acting in feature films, making documentaries, creating soundtracks for films and documentaries, in all of them you can appreciate his love for history and archaeology.

Giorgos has produced and hosted radio shows from 1988 to 1993, on two radio stations, namely “9.41 Communication FM” and “Radio Aegean”. Since 1993 he has been involved in recording his original soundtracks for documentaries, short and feature films.  From the year 2004 to present Giorgos Bilikas is a member of the editorial team at “Music Heaven”

Giorgos has collaborated with the “Universe Pathways Publications”, from 2012 to 2016.


I asked Giorgos which one of his original songs  have been the most memorable to him, and he replied: “Ballad of Geraldine” is my dearest song and it became famous in Turkey, South Korea and Brazil. Last but not least, “Mera Broxeri” (Rainy Day) written by Giorgos in 1973, which won for him the third-place award at a Musical Competition of ERT, Columbia Records & Fantazio magazine.

This song was the reason for his meeting with a record producer in 2004, who was interested in old recorded material of his band “Tharsein Hrei”. In fact, this material (which recorded in 1974), was found in Copenhagen, and was the basis for the songs included in the collectible LP “1974”, which after a 30-year delay, was released by “Anazitisi Records”, thanks to the interest of researcher Nikos Karathanasis.

Giorgos Bilikas is a deeply passionate individual, when you originally meet him his charisma, soft and deep voice and loving nature exudes him.  Yet he is humble and does not believe in self promotion or resting in his laurels, because for him writing, composing, and creating in general are all continuous voyages without ever ending.

Giorgos loves to wear scarfs and hats, he genuinely enjoys reading and does so whenever he is traveling by train, plane, metro, buses etc. Most of his time is spent writing and listening to music. Giorgos Bilikas is an eternal romantic and he is totally in love and devoted to each and everyone of his talents.  A true artist in my humble opinion.!!

Below is a list of Georges lifelong accomplishments:


“No Sympathy for the Devil” 



2020:  Odysseus, expected to be released in the fall


2019: “Songs & Poems” [Songs & Poems, D2D/eBook]
2019: “Alypa” [30 Small Stories, D2D/eBook]
2016: “K” [Novel, UP, D2D/eBook]
2015: “Sad Eyed Prophets” [45 Small Stories, UP, D2D/eBook]
2014: “Al-Andalus” [Novel, UP, D2D/eBook]
2013: “No. 9” [Novel, UP, D2D/eBook] 
2012: “Heaven Adventures” [Novel, UP, D2D/eBook]


2019: “The Low-Looking” [CD Single, Mirror] 
2004: “1974” [Tharsein Hrei, Anazitisi Records]
1973: “Pop Festival” [Tharsein Hrei, Columbia]


2020: “Kill NoraGeorge is acting in this movie and it is  being filmed at present, expected release late fall


2019: “Labyrinth” [D. Athanitis, Music]
2015: “Invisible” [D. Athanitis, Cameo]
2009: “Powdered Sugar” [B. Tserpes, Actor, Music]
2005: “Planet Athens” [D. Athanitis, Sound]
2003: “Bomb” [Ch. Tsoukas, Music]
2000: “Feelings” [El. Kazantzidi Music, Sound] 
2000: “2000 + 1 Shots” [D. Athanitis, Cameo, Sound]
1999: “Summer Night’s Dream” [D. Athanitis, Actor, Sound]
1998: “Housemates” [N. Zoiopoulos, Cameo] 
1997: “No Sympathy for the Devil” [D. Athanitis, Actor, Music, Sound]
1997: “Forms in the Lab” [N. Zoiopoulos, Music] 
1996: “Vox” [D. Athanitis, Sound]
1994: “Addio  Berlin” [D. Athanitis, Actor, Music, Sound]
1994: “Mr. X” [D. Athanitis, Music]
1993: “Philosophy” [D. Athanitis, Actor] 





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