My Friend the Jeweller – Stavros Dimos

My Friend the Jeweller – Stavros Dimos

Written by Bianca Ghikas Toronto, June 12, 2020


In all my travels I usually stand in areas that I like and take photographs, first of the area and then with myself included, of course hehehe… Therefore, on one of my trips about 17 years ago to Athens, Greece it was a given to stop at the three corner crossing on Mpenizelou street in Plaka and take a photograph of me standing there;  Of course as usual I published my photo on Facebook, time went by and one day out of the blues I receive a friendship request from Steve Stavros Dimos and a note thanking me for advertising his jewellery store.  It caught my eye hehehe.; apparently a good friend of Stavros had seen the photograph on Facebook and told him.  We have been friends ever since.  On my next trip to Athens I pass by the store and we met in person, we are friends to this day.

Stavros is an incredibly talented Master Jeweller and Gemologist, and with pride he states “I am the only one that has done Jewelry studies in the family”, in 1997 he received an award in Jewellery design in a Nationwide competition in Greece thereby it fits perfectly in my website.

The Dimos family is originally from Driskos Ioanninon in Epirus, both his grandparents and his father were born there.  The grandparents had the only coffee shop/convenience store/mini market in the village.  when Sotiris (Stavros father) was 15 years of age the family moved to Athens. Sotiris decided to open the first jewellery workshop and store at 3 Mpenizelou Plaiologou Street, Plaka, Athens, Greece, in 1968; and has been there ever since. At present there is one additional store in Plaka.

Stavros begun going to the workshop as a young child after school and during summer months, eventually at the age of 15 he decided to become a goldsmith and begun studying and graduated in 1997  from the Mokume Institute (Athens, Greece), where he studied jewelry making, design, and the history of jewelry and the arts, and is certified as a Master Jeweler. He later undertook courses in Gemology.

It is interesting to note that Epirus has always been known as the cradle of silversmiths.  Not far west and north of Driskos in the village of Paramithia in March of 1857 a Greek Aromanian jeweller was born, Sotirios Bulgaris, he decided to do his business in Italy instead of Greece, the Internationally famous jewellery brand “Bulgari”.

It is interesting to note that my paternal grandfather was born and raised in northern Epirus as well, therefore, Stavros family and mine have similar geographical origins.

During the late 1800s and early 1900s “Lalaounis” in 1941 and “Zolotas” in 1895 begun the reproduction of jewellery worn by the Hellenes and found in Archaeological diggings as well as Byzantine crosses and other jewels worn during the Byzantine Empire. When Sotiris opened his first workshop in 1968, he decided to follow through in this trend.  To this day Dimos Jewellers have the exquisite Museum collection as part of the inventory.

Sotiris and Stavros are the only two family members involved in “Dimos Jewellers”.  The workshop is located above the Jewellery store and Stavros has 4 jewellers on his team, most of them have been with the company for over 35 years.

Stavros is not only an extremely talented jeweller but is a world traveller as well, he often visits the USA, and at one time he had opened a Dimos Jewellery in Houston Texas and later sold it a profit.  Stavros has traveled to India, all over Europe and part of the Caribbean. He genuinely enjoys the good life!! This guy is a Sagittarius born on November 24 , if you know what I mean hehehehe, is definitely a catch to whomever he decides to partner with, I am saying this because I know him well, he is intelligent, charismatic, and quite handsome to top it all off.

Soon there will be Dimos Jewellers online sales, the site is currently under construction.

Visit their website at:


Bellow there is a gallery of the Dimos Jewellery designs.

Museum Collection:

Noir Collection:

Bizantine collection:

Animal collection:

Classic Greek Key collection:

Happy Greek Key collection:


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