The Rise and Fall of Love

The Rise and Fall of Love

Written by Bianca Toronto around June 11, 1989 or so

Across the miles I hear your voice

Telling me that I am your choice

Oh Ecstasies! … Oh, morning glory!

We hug we kissed we run

You held me tight within your arms

We were sitting by the water

Nothing else did really matter

Weren’t the Scarborough Bluff breathtaking?

Our own love story we were making

I knew we were ready for reach other

Cause we love one another.

We’ve always felt the attraction

Finally!! … Now we got some action!

My head is up, up in a cloud

I wanna say “I love you” out loud

In all these years you’ve been my friend

I now realize, I can’t pretend

Remember when I sang your song?

After a while I said “So long”

Yet my heart and thought remained by your side

No, my dear friend! I am not taking you for a ride!!!

That’s how I truly feel, my heart is yours

And so is my will!

The future seemed so bright

Intimately we could not be,

Our desires and views differed by night

Oh no, reality spoke!!

We saw things under different lights.

I had to run and stay away from you

Unaltered feelings, pride prevailed

Today we are just two friends

Without a doubt I wailed.



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