Ode to Moms

Ode to all Earthly Moms

By: Bianca Ghika May 8th, 2011


A Mom’s love is a treasure

Taken for granted without measure

A Mom gets hurt and yet forgives

A Mom doesn’t give up! She believes!!

A Mom will always be there in time of need

A Mom will always let you take the lead

Her children will always be Angels

Even if they belong to “Hells Angels”

We all believe that we shall be better parents when we grow up

Only to find out later that we screwed up

Moms always do what they believe is best

As it turns out, it was just a failed test

And then the time comes and we discover

We had the greatest mother many times over

And yet she is gone, only her spirit lingers on

When in despair it is her name we call upon

God Bless all Mothers, for they are precious

They are all caring, strong and tenacious!


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