Empty Nest

Empty Nest

Written by Bianca October 1993

From birth to adulthood

We dream and fantasize

Life’s path seems clear, NO obstacles, there is illumination

Reality takes over, with nails and thorns we must familiarize

Abuse, rejection, helplessness, there is frustration

And yet, instinctively we act, and we survive

We pick up bits and ends, life must go on

For a new start we strive.

Giving birth to Angels, Ecstasies,

Memories of the past

Dreaming of a great future,

But good times don’t last

Happiness felt when they were born

And now my cherubs are gone

The is no hope I’m all alone

My heart and soul are torn

Of happy endings at night I dream

Awaken… there is no one on my team

What have I done? Should I be sorry?

Why should I always be the one to worry

I wish I had a magic wand

To bring back to my life the zest.

Just raising up my hand

And fill again my empty nest!

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