Ode to Crayfish


Music and Lyrics by Bianca, Trent U, Peterborough Feb 1984

I was studying animal Behaviour and decided to work with crayfish of both sexes in 7 different acquariums, my result i will disclose in a short story, however observing them I became enthusiastic and decided to write a poem to them .


My path was crossed by a crayfish

And since that moment I have seen

All my feelings in a dish

My path was crossed by a crayfish


I analyze them everyday

Hoping to see a brighter day

No hope! I ‘ve seen every frustration

That would imply a new relation


I’ve seen your muscles they are so strong

Being in your arms cannot be wrong

I’ve read your eyes and I have seen

The ocean beauties in your dreams


Dear crustacean, Ho sweet creature!

When molting you are so weak

Comparing you to my own features

It is your arms I seek




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