Odyseas Tzartzalos – the Artist

Odysea’s Art

written by: Bianca Ghikas


I have known Odyseas for over 20 years, we met on line and became close friends, in all these years I have always found him to be an amazing friend and a great guy, to my great surprise recently I found out that he decided to develop his artistic abilities.  I always knew he was special.

Odyseas has been the night auditor for the Exarxion Hotel in Exarxia, Athens Greece and I used to stay at the hotel in many of my trips Athens has always been my stopover in Greece.  whenever it was my time to retire, i used to arrive at the hotel and we would sit outside and have a coffee or a drink and have our many laughs and discussion that lasted for hours hehehe, I love long talks … One day a friend invited me out and I really did not want to go so I told my friend that Odyseas and I were going to baptize a child and the party may go into the wee hours, hehehehehe.  Of course i told Odyseas that if anyone call for me to confirm my story.  I left and went about Athens doing my favorite things, lol, and I went back to the hotel after dinner, to my great surprise, Odyseas had prepared drinks and munchies offering to other guest because we had just baptized a child  lmao , i just remember and cannot stop laughing. My good friend Odyseas is incredible.!!!  My youngest grandchild loved him, he has always been great with children.

Odyseas always has my back when I visit Athens, it is wonderful to know that I count him among my greatest friends!

You could notice the artistic talent in Odyseas since he was a young lad.




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