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Written by :Bianca Ghikas, Toronto May 6, 2020


I met Francesco on the train and on my way to Amaro, Northern Italy,; we were sitting next to each other and I could not stop observing him while he sketched some interesting things, the firstone was a male figure,seeinsert,

the second one it was a strange concortion of what I saw as phalic symbols and I asked him in Italian “ma che cosa stai disegniando? un caos fallico per caso? (“What are you drawing? is ti a phallic chaos bu any chance?) we laughed and a friendship was born immediately, he came with me to Amaro and we arranged to meet in Tolmezzo the next day.

  Our friendship kept growing and a few days later, namely September 13, 1993, I was supposed to leave for Napoli and a few days later back to Toronto, Canada.  Francesco suggested that he would accompany me to Udine and show me around.  Those days I always travelled with my guitar so it was a normal thing for me when we arrived at “La Logia del Lionello” to sit on the steps and take my guitar out ot the case and start playing.  The first song that came to mind was “Sometimes when we touch” by Dan Hill Francesco loved it and took notes because he wanted to learn both music and lyrics and of course he did.  Furthermore, a crowd had gathered around us and they were clapping , it was incredibly awesome !

Francesco Rinoldi is a talented Italian Artist that Lives in Tolmezzo, in the province of Udine and part of the autonomous region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, in northern Italy.  He atended and graduated from the Academia di Belle Arti Venezia ( Venice’s Academi of fine Arts).

When I arrived in Toronto and to my great surprise I found a big envelope originating from Francesco in Tolmezzo, I opened it and lo and Behold there was a sketch of me singing and playing guitar at La Logia del Lionello, wowowowo


you may email Francesco at :

cel: +39-338-329-0985

On Facebook : Francesco Rinoldi



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