A Vision of Eternal Love

A Vision of Eternal Love

Writen by Bianca Toronto February 1993

The ground is frozen, the heart is ice!

Will it all melt at sunrise?

The Wind is blowing, is mighty cold,

“He loves you dearly” … I am being told.

The sun is warming, my heart feels hope,

Is this a blessing? … or just a rope? …

I see us walking, going up a mountain,

I make a wish by a small fountain,

Two hearts together melting the snow

We are deeply in love and we both know!!!

While holding hands we see the water,

Besides our love nothing else matters.

NO fears! No doubts! No sorrow!!!

I know for us, there always be a tomorrow.

I feel the joy that your love brings,

A choir of angels around us sings!

We soar above spreading our wings…

Our love is strong not just a fling.

Is this a fantasy? … Or meditation? …

Is it a product of my own creation? …

And if I were to be alone again, (life must go on!!!)

Knowing your love…

Will fly back to me … (just like a dove)

No hidden clues! There are no regrets!

Justo holding hands we’ll say Amen.




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